Mitchell and Company have identified areas of corporate management that, when addressed, can offer great benefits to you and your company immediately.

These Management Processes have emerged from over 20 years of experience assisting major corporations achieve Accelerated Corporate Success through smart management decision making.

Management Processes are based on an 8 step approach to decision making developed by Mitchell and Company from over 20 years of experience. See how these 8 steps can be applied to achieve Accelerated Success in many aspects of your life at

What is a Management Process?      How do I use these Management Processes?
Management Processes - Summaries

What is a Management Process?

Each Management Process section consists of 4 parts.

This overview will give you a sense of what the process is and how it can benefit your company.

Pre Diagnosis
Use this series of exercises to determine the usefulness of the process for your company.

This is a detailed outline of the process and how to use it. You will need to refer to the instructions many times throughout the implementation of the process.

Post Diagnosis
Once you have read through the instructions, use this series of exercises to better understand the applications of the process.

How do I use these Management Processes?

  1. Select a summary that you think your company could benefit from. Read the summary.

  2. Use the pre diagnosis to help you determine the effectiveness of this process for your company.

  3. After you see the potential benefits your company can strive for, read the instructions or print them out for future reference.

  4. If you want to develop a deeper understanding of the benefits you will receive, use the post diagnosis exercises.

  5. Begin immediately to implement the new process into your company's management.

  6. Contact Mitchell and Company by phone or e-mail to report your progress or to gain further guidance.

  7. Repeat the process for the other management processes.

Management Processes - Summaries

Identifying Your Best Areas for Rapid Business Progress
Innovation Leadership

Create Mutually Beneficial Solutions for Faster Progress
Quantified Stakeholder Interest Balancing

Achieve Your Company's Goals Sooner and More Safely
Future Management

Using Overpowering Influences to Propel Your Company to New Heights
Irresistible Force Management

Doing More with Get More
Capital Management

Cut Costs and Grow Faster at the Same Time
Win-Win Cost-Reduction Management

Enjoy More Benefits by Accomplishing More Sooner
Scarce Resource Management

Effectively Changing Your Organization's Thinking and Behavior
Making Positive Change Easy and Fun

Error-Proof Management

Leadership Through Mutual Benefits
Faster Progress Through Aligning Self-Interest with the Organizational Interests

One-Person Organizations

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