Error-Proof Management

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You are a senior executive at a successful, major company. Your company's largest and best-run division has just made a presentation that scares you to death. The division's most profitable product is about to become unexpectedly obsolete, and there is a brief window of opportunity to do something about it. You do not want to lose this valuable market position and its profit contribution, but the risks involved in a helter-skelter, come-from-behind effort are large. In fact, the losses could cost you your job. What should you do?

These types of situations offer opportunities where the rewards are very large, but the price of failure is probably even higher. A conscientious executive cannot help but be torn by an internal conflict between wanting the reward and wishing to avoid the enormous risks involved.

A new management process, Error-Proof Management, allows you to rebalance this wrenching risk-reward challenge by removing great amounts of the risk when you have only one chance to get it right. Error-Proof Management helps you do this by learning from others facing similar issues, adding inexpensive redundancy that reduces substantial unnecessary risk, reducing the number of people involved in making the change, and creating checks that will allow you to catch errors soon after they occur.

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Summary   Pre Diagnosis   Instructions   Post Diagnosis

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