Identifying Your Best Areas for Rapid Business Progress

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Did you know that the same amount of power that it takes to light a refrigerator bulb can be used by a laser to punch a hole through solid metal? When we focus our energy in the right way, we can achieve much greater results. If you have a goal in mind for which the path is unclear, or filled with threats, our new management process will show you proven ways to arrive there faster, safer and more efficiently.

Innovation Leadership is the finest service that Mitchell and Company has ever offered. Seven of our best information and decision-making processes have been combined for the first time. Six of these have been used routinely by clients for more than 14 years with outstanding results. When combined, these processes will work much better than they do alone, by sharpening focus, attention, and reducing errors. This process will earn the highest return on an investment in information and knowledge that you have ever made.

Our expectation is that every company will receive cumulative benefits beyond what would otherwise have occurred of over 10,000 times the cost of the project over 10 years. This expectation is based on the track record of the technologies, as used by our clients in the past. Innovation Leadership offers the following benefits:

I want to help you personally now, on a project to focus you and your organization on finding the highest potential areas and getting the most results from them. Please e-mail Don Mitchell at, I look forward to hearing from you.

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