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Is your company currently focusing on providing capital for attractive investments at low cost (what has been known as financial management), or is it actually focusing corporate strategy on accessing and using low-cost capital? Focusing your corporate strategy in this way is part of the aim of what we are calling Theoretical Best Practice Capital Management.

If a business uses less capital to get the same results, the value is higher. With less debt, the bond rating is higher, debt costs are lower, and earnings are higher. With less equity after repurchases, the share price may grow faster. This new Theoretical Best Practice Capital Management Process is the finest service related to stock-price improvement that Mitchell and Company has ever had the pleasure to offer. Our new diagnostic process is built on SHARE PRICE GROWTH 100 processes that have been successfully used for several years and begins with the assumption that the money invested in the company now is also available for use in different ways whether that be putting the money into other businesses or returning it to shareholders in some way.

Capital Management offers the following benefits:

Please e-mail Don Mitchell at and we will help you personally to focus your organization on finding the best route for Capital Management so that you can start enjoying all these great benefits now!

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Summary   Pre Diagnosis   Instructions   Post Diagnosis

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