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Executives commonly focus on cost-reduction as a primary goal. Very few, however, actually reduce their costs faster than competitors do and faster than the rate at which prices they charge fall when business conditions are weak. Many of those who do succeed do so by favoring the interests of one stakeholder group, such as shareholders, at the expense of another. Our research and experience show that cost-reduction (as hard as that is to do) is not enough, you must also have a plan to effectively use the savings -- one that all stakeholders enthusiastically support.

How can you make cost-reduction management a core competency that creates a lasting competitive advantage for your company? We have found that large cost reductions are usually ineffective (with a few exceptions). But now we want to move you to the next generation of easier, more valuable cost-reduction changes. To do that, a new management process, Effective, Win-Win Cost-Reduction Management, has been designed for your use.

Effective, Win-Win Cost Reduction Management is the first management process that addresses both cost reduction and application of the benefits of cost reduction simultaneously.

Please read on for a quick checklist that will alert you to the cost reduction issues in your company and the benefits Effective Win-Win Cost Reduction Management has to offer. Or, Please e-mail Don Mitchell at, and we will send you a series of questions tailored for your use on existing operations to help you test your potential to benefit from this exciting and valuable process.

Summary   Pre Diagnosis   Instructions   Post Diagnosis

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