Using Overpowering Influences to Propel Your Company to New Heights


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This management technology is so powerful that it dwarfs all those that have gone before . . . in the same way the Saturn V moon rocket dwarfed a child’s firecracker. Hold onto your hats, your seats, and your loved ones . . . and take the best ride of your life.

Can you go faster by skiing down a mountain, or by climbing up it through the snow and ice? Gravity and friction play such large roles that you find the trip down goes much quicker than the trip up unless you do not know how to ski or hurt yourself on the way down.

Imagine what would happen if we combined the immense power of gravity, rocket engines, momentum, the oceans, and the wind to drive your company forward into the near-vacuum of Outer Space where there is little to resist you. These overpowering influences at our back would overwhelm any effort to go in a different direction, and progress would be extremely rapid.

That is what Irresistible Force Management is all about. You focus your company’s attention on those forces that will be strongest on your company, and turn these forces into helpful sources of propulsion pushing in the same direction.

Irresistible Force Management will be of most interest and value to new leaders and management teams prepared to make major changes in the current direction of the company. The lessons of Irresistible Force Management will probably lead to a major shift in goals, objectives, and strategy to lead to a much more successful future than the current direction could possibly deliver. Benefits should begin within days of when the new information becomes available, because you will begin shifting resources away from lower-potential areas into higher-potential areas. The normal experience should be to achieve benefits that are a vast multiple of the cost of this technology even before you finish using it the first time.

Irresistible Force Management lets you see what the high-side potential really is for your company, enabling you to set goals, objectives, and strategies that match the highest level you can achieve. As a result, you can expect that your future growth rate will more than double with the same or higher profitability.

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