Effectively Changing Your Organizationís Thinking and Behavior

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Does your company leadership and employees have the ability to change their thinking and behaviors rapidly to respond to new opportunities and challenges? Do you demonstrate the full consequences of continuing on the current path? Do you provide 25 or more opportunities for each person to experience the benefits of implemented changes in the first month? Do you recruit, retain, and encourage people who adore change? Are you prepared to respond to why people do not want to change?

Leading People Through Change is designed to help you diagnose and prescribe the actions you need to take in listening and communicating about change to create rapid progress in thinking and behavior that your organization needs most. If you answered no to any of the questions above (and most of you will have answered no to all of them), you have room for improvement in this area.

One of the most highly-valued leadership skills is to create quick and effective responses to new opportunities and changed conditions. But few leaders know how to overcome common negative reactions to change and make change positive, fun, and easy for themselves and others. The result: your organization can have the best strategy and implementation plan in the world, yet can come up short because of difficulties in communicating and persuading your colleagues to want to carry out the necessary changes.

Leading People Through Change is based, in part, on Mitchell and Companyís two decades of experience in helping companies to make large, beneficial changes relating to corporate strategy, stock-price improvement, and operating and capital cost reductions. To this we added our many special studies of best practices in change leadership by others both in and out of a business setting, as well as reviewing the extensive literature on this subject. These lessons were enhanced by a consideration of the Theoretical Best Practice potential in this area.

To learn more about Leading People Through Change, please contact Don Mitchell (mitchell@fastforward400.com) or Please e-mail Don Mitchell at askdonmitchell@yahoo.com, and he will send you a series of questions tailored for your use on existing changes you are pursuing to help you test your potential to benefit from this exciting and valuable process.

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