Create Mutually Beneficial Solutions for Faster Progress

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Many CEOs feel like they are holding a water balloon while riding a bucking bronco when they make a decision. Push in one direction and the bag expands in several unwanted places. Push too hard and the bag bursts, leaving a messy hand. Ignore the bucking bronco, and you find yourself painfully on the ground with the bronco’s hooves stomping at you.

Like the rodeo, stay on long enough, with enough control, and you can win the prize and dismount in safety. In this case, the prize from a better management process should be added economic benefits to the company equal to your current equity market capitalization within two years.

If a company is closer to more of its stakeholders new solutions will arise that provide better results for everyone. Being closer means more frequent contact, listening more closely, and assessing the joint effects of actions and different sequences of actions carefully and accurately through accurate quantification. Many CEOs will tell you that this is what they try to do, but that they get too little help from their organizations . . . or the stakeholders themselves. This management process is designed to solve that problem for you.

This is a highly targeted process and does not need to become something that is applied in a wide variety of decision situations. Evaluations of overall strategies, strategy changes, and strategy implementation plans (especially involving mergers and divestitures) are particularly high payoff areas. In addition, a variety of decision-making activities will benefit from better measurements and processes such as strategy development, policy setting, budgeting, business development, and capital spending.

If you want to see how this can be applied in practice, please continue on to the pre diagnosis or, Please e-mail Don Mitchell at and we can begin developing a joint plan of how you and your company should evaluate and design a way to create this wonderful balance to propel you forward to much greater success.

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