Stock price is often believed to be driven by e.p.s., and this belief is shared by many public company CEOs. The fact is, a variety of other variables more often drive a company's stock price, including other financial measures that are causes of e.p.s. change, specific actions and announcements that the company makes, the mix of investors and even its stated long-term direction.

Working with many hundreds of companies over 20 years, Mitchell and Company has developed a series of techniques which isolate these key value-changing variables that are unique to each company. The firm also identifies the key actions to help guide decisions that lead to long-term stock price appreciation. These techniques have been refined into the set of services for you that are described below.

Learning How To Drive Your Company's Stock Price In The Right Direction Internal Actions and External Communications to Improve Stock Price
Know How Your Current Investors Affect Your Stock Price

Attract New Investors Who Will Expand Your Multiple

Find Strategies and Actions that Will Award You a Premium Multiple

Make Your Company's Vision, Strategy, Stock Price Prospects and Culture Consistent

Reduce Your Cost of Capital and Make Better Investments to Create Better Financial Results

Communicate a Vision and Strategic Direction that Resonate with and Excite Investors

Test Company Announcements Before Going Public with Them to Ensure a Positive Understanding of Your Actions and Intentions

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