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Find Strategies and Actions that Will Award You a Premium Multiple

Learning How to Drive Your Company's Stock Price in the Right Direction

Attract New Investors Who Will Expand Your Multiple: There are actions your company can take that will attract new institutional investors, driving increased demand for the stock. Since new buying created by non-holders is the major contributor to sustainable stock-price growth, understanding what will cause non-holders to buy and hold is a critical part of your stock-price improvement program. However, you will need to attract the right mix of owners for best results. You will learn how you can bring in those who will pay higher multiples for your stock and support the company direction. Most companies are missing this information and do not know how to develop it.

At the same time, we will identify your company's value drivers and incorporate them into your proprietary Verified Stock-Price Correlation. Through this unique analysis, the variables are identified that current investors pay attention to and how much weight is placed on each to describe your unique value drivers. No two company's verified correlations are the same. Since historical statistical analysis alone is usually misleading for stock-price improvement, correlation-verification interviews are conducted to verify which variables are used by investors and how they are used before finalizing your company's stock-price correlation. You can use the results to focus your attention on the most sensitive measures of business performance for your company.

Know How Your Current Investors Affect Your Stock Price and Attract New Investors Who Will Expand Your Multiple can be conducted separately or together.

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