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Make Your Company's Vision, Strategy, Stock Price Prospects and Culture Consistent

Learning How to Drive Your Company's Stock Price in the Right Direction

Find Strategies and Actions that Will Award You a Premium Multiple: The best opportunities move the company's businesses forward and drive its stock price and p/e multiple up at the same time. Case histories will be developed for the actions and transactions that appeal to and excite investors and your management. Cases are screened for size and performance characteristics similar to your company, AND for companies with similar kinds of investors, using our proprietary analysis. The resulting highly-customized cases allow you to more accurately measure the premium or discount that your stock is likely to receive, above or below what a financial analysis alone would show. For stock-price multiple forecasts, the financial analysis alone is usually quite misleading.

Know How Your Current Investors Affect Your Stock Price, Attract New Investors Who Will Expand Your Multiple and Find Strategies and Actions that Will Award You a Premium Multiple can be conducted separately or together. When used together, they allow you the best way to locate and focus on your best opportunities for stock price growth. For an example of how these analyses work together, please click on the button below.

SPG 100 - Your Challenge: Developing a Stock-Price Improvement Program.

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