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Mitchell and Company has pioneered a new form of cooperative learning among the most outstanding executives to help them increase their competitive advantages by taking areas where they are competent and showing them how to reach the level of star performance in more areas. The objective is to improve capacity and individual effectiveness.

The firm provides research and administrative services to TWENTY TIMES PROGRESS, SHARE PRICE GROWTH 100, OUTSTANDING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS, LEADING CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERS and LEADING DIVISION PRESIDENTS 100. In each case, the research topics are selected by members and are pursued under the direction of a member-led committee.

Past research projects involve multiple data sources including interviews with outstanding practitioners, statistical analysis of observed patterns, and evaluation of publicly available data. Some typical research projects relate to developing new management processes for cost reduction and capital management, and developing new benchmarks and measures where none existed. Typical projects include determining the amount of e.p.s. dilution associated with outperforming the S&P 500 following large acquisitions, defining how manufacturing companies that developed and sustained much higher profit margins managed the process of change, reducing the cost of capital and benchmarking CFO effectiveness.

The firm is known for its pioneering work over the last 20 years in stock-price improvement using company-specific quantitative, qualitative and behavioral research techniques.

Mitchell and Company has developed a large number of proprietary databases in areas like shareholder perceptions of executives and company performance, profit margin improvement, customer segmentation, acquisitions, divestitures, partial public offerings of high value subsidiaries, and share repurchases. These databases are only available to Mitchell and Company clients.

Founded in 1977, the firm has focused its practice on stock-price improvement for large companies, operating strategy enhancements for large divisions of major companies, and research for executive organizations on topics of interest to the members. Over 175 leading companies have employed Mitchell and Company since its founding.

All assignments are supervised by one or both of the firm's two leading principals, Donald W. Mitchell, Chairman, or Carol Bruckner Coles, President.

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