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SHARE PRICE GROWTH 100 is a cooperative learning organization for senior financial, planning and investor relations executives. Its work focuses on increasing stock price, reducing the cost of capital and improving financial results. By investigating how corporate strategy, finance and investor relations can be combined in the most effective ways, executives improve long-term shareholder rewards and business performance.

The work focuses on developing new management practices that will be tomorrow's best practices. This is achieved through proprietary information developed on financial markets, educating executives about how their decisions affect stock price and benchmarking finance and investor relations activities to enhance competitive advantages.

Research topics are selected by members and pursued under the direction of member-led committees. Typical research projects involve multiple data sources, interviews with investors and practitioners and statistical analyses of observable patterns. SHARE PRICE GROWTH 100 has developed a number of databases in areas like shareholder perceptions of executives, acquisitions, divestitures, repurchases and partial public offerings of high-value subsidiaries. The most important work developed Capital Management (see Management Processes), is the only process used by companies today to significantly and measurably reduce capital costs and explicitly improve stock price.

All processes and information are proprietary to SHARE PRICE GROWTH 100. Members participate in meetings twice yearly and attend site visits to best-practice companies. Summaries of these sessions are shared with all members. In addition, members "meet" for conference calls on subjects chosen in advance and frequently help each other when unusual questions or projects arise.

The average member reports average stock-price increases of 24% above what would have occurred had they grown stock price with the S&P 500. For more information, please visit our web site at www.spg100.com.

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