Don Mitchell
Committed To Pioneering Management Practices
15+ Years Ahead Of Competitors

OUTSTANDING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS helps CEOs identify and implement breakthrough advances in management by CEOs more than 15 years ahead of competitors. It benchmarks current best CEO practices across industries around the world, identifying what theoretical limits to CEO best practices are, and analyzing how to make great strides rapidly.

Only corporate CEOs participate and competitors are not allowed. All sessions are confidential and off the record, with agendas, research and discussions selected by member vote. Meetings allow brainstorming issues with other CEOs and an opportunity to expand the circle of corporate alliances through contact with outstanding CEOs.

Benefits achieved by all members include annual comparisons with other CEOs of time allocations, board relationships, leadership in the company and community, knowledge, problem-solving methods, and access to information. Many of the members' companies are among the fastest stock-price growers, giving all members access to new ideas and best practices for rapid stock-price growth. Members have also focused on how the most successful CEOs make tradeoffs between shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, and other communities they serve.

OUTSTANDING CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERS also participates in site visits to best-practice companies, "meet" for conference calls on topics suggested by members and receive meeting summaries and brief papers on new management processes to help make progress faster in their companies.

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