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Commitment To Superior Business Performance

LEADING DIVISION PRESIDENTS 100 is for group and subsidiary presidents who want to upgrade their knowledge of best management practices. Members learn from each other and from companies that use state-of-the-art practices. All meetings are site visits to companies implementing best practices in quality, customer satisfaction, profit improvement, management effectiveness, marketing and outsourcing. We also visit companies that have made successful turn-arounds to learn how they were accomplished and what would have been done differently. Site-visit companies are suggested by members.

Meetings also include discussions of topics chosen by members such as re-engineering, cost cutting, quality management and outsourcing. The methods presented are 15-20 years ahead of those used by the competition. For members who miss meetings, summary reports are provided highlighting the key ideas. Members are also invited to participate in conference calls on subjects chosen in advance.

Existing research for members includes: How to Increase Your Profit Margin and Market Share by Taking Your Subsidiary Partially Public; Successfully Acquiring and Integrating Related Businesses; Determining How to Identify Opportunities to Create Lasting Competitive Advantages Through Total Quality Processes; Controlling the Expansion of Fringe Benefit Costs; How TQM has Affected Compensation Practices in the Most Admired Companies and How Division and Corporate Authority are Shared in 51 Widely Admired Companies.

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