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Commitment To Superior Financial Management
North America's Largest CFO-Only Organization

LEADING CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERS works with CFOs to improve company and personal performance through a new cooperative learning process. This process combines practical shared experiences with developing information requested by the members, new best-practice management processes, diagnostics to identify your unexplored opportunities and educating executives about how to introduce and use these processes in their companies.

Member companies achieve better performance. Members know where and how to significantly reduce costs beyond their companies' previous efforts, and how align their priorities with those of their CEOs, other executives and their boards. Soft areas, such as personal performance, can now be measured and benchmarked, using means developed by LEADING CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERS. Members also report greater career advancement.

Our objective is to provide a forum, exclusively for corporate level CFOs of large public and private companies, to work together to enhance each other's productivity. The members decide what is studied and what is discussed, to achieve the most relevance for everyone. Competitors are not allowed to participate. Members meet twice each year in New York to review the new management processes and information developed exclusively for and chosen by LEADING CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERS. One member claims to leave each meeting with "a million dollar idea." In addition, members meet for site visits two to three times annually at companies selected for leadership in their field, successful turn arounds, primacy in stock price improvement and making change.

If you miss a meeting, summaries of the highlights are sent to you. Conference calls on subjects you choose are held each month. We are also available by telephone to discuss your issues and put you in touch with other CFOs who can help, through our monthly conference calls or individually.

Existing proprietary studies for LEADING CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICERS include: CFO Effectiveness Benchmarking, Using Information to Influence Operating Executives to Improve Business Performance (or Four Areas to Achieving Major Cost Reductions), Benchmarking CFO Activities, How CFOs Spend Their Time, Financial Staff Structure and Compensation, and Benchmarking the Investment Bankers.

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