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The Project to Grow Twenty Times Faster now has its own organization, TWENTY TIMES PROGRESS. In 1995, Mitchell and Company launched a research project involving senior executives from dozens of major companies, to find new ways to expand earnings, cash flow and financial resources much faster. That work has been remarkably productive, yielding over a dozen new management processes that are already being implemented around the world as you read this. Early users estimate that their companies will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits during the first year of application.

The purpose of the organization is to focus attention on developing the next generation of management processes in the members' highest payoff areas. For 1998, our initial focus will be to create a series of diagnostics and training materials; these will allow members to easily and effectively identify the highest payoff areas their companies and organizations need to develop, and determine their needs for rapid improvement in those areas. Benefits from the first year of implementing these management processes should exceed one billion dollars for the typical company. We also look forward to having a steering committee of members for each management process so that the work will be even more beneficial for each member.

Decisions and agendas are set by members. Based on feedback from the steering committee, the current intent is to limit membership to noncompeting companies and organizations. Meetings willl be held on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes each year. As needed, we will supplement these biannual meetings with special gatherings to provide training for members. A conference call series is planned for this organization as well.

The first process released to members is Effective, Win-Win Cost Reduction Management (see Management Processes). For each process, members receive a summary that accurately projects the benefits that can be achieved.

The Project and its new management processes are proprietary to members of the TWENTY TIMES PROGRESS organization. Some of the public papers from that work can be found on the internet at www.fastforward400.com.

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